aka 'Operation quadripoint'
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History log Carrier Crew

Only the finest crewmembers dare to face the dangers of the void. To ensure maximum carrier performance, every crew member was hand-picked after an intense selection phase:

hamilton Lewis was chosen for his superior piloting skills. He especially loves to drive the carrier in a constant orbit around a stellar body for hours and hours...    
hamilton With several years of experience as a high ranking Naval officer, Charlie is no stranger to tough situations. But beware: No matter what your credentials are, he does not care about you wearing a uniform if you have not been in the Navy yourself. hamilton Although being a tough woman, sometimes Sahara behaves as if she belongs into a lunatic asylum. She has a ridiculous fear of machines as if they would try to hunt down and kill her. She even changed her name so that she cannot be found easily. Otherwise she makes an excellent job as fuel supervisor, having explosive stuff around makes her feel safe.
hamilton My tritium dealer, Lily, tends to be a very emotional woman. On good days, she is singing while working, but when she is in a bad mood, she starts complaining that life is not fair at all. hamilton Robert is also into music, having composed some songs on his own. I strongly believe that he has a crush on Lily - he finds her simply irresistible.
hamilton Besides insisting to be called 'Lisa', my shipyard manager entertains the rest of the crew with stories about her dad, Homer,who is working at a nuclear plant. hamilton Being some kind of director in his former job, Ron loves to make photographs and small video clips of everything discovered. Yesterday he got a little bit nervous when we executed a routine cryo stir procedure in our oxygen tanks when checking the carrier systems.
hamilton Mikel is working in the armory because he seems to have aquired some knowledge of advanced vehicle armor in his former job. He claims that he worked as some kind of driver of prototype stunt cars but I tend to believe he was just chasing girls... hamilton As a former cop, Jon can turn from 'nice guy' into 'Yippee-ki-yay-MF' mode in a matter of seconds.
I you may ever try to gank my carrier - prepare to die hard!