aka 'Operation quadripoint'
Mission & vision System info
History log Carrier Crew

Here you find all necessary information for the Fleet Carrier launch going the distance of 23893 ly from Colonia to PLOEA AUSCS ZA-A c16 under the patronage of CMDR BlastDuke.

Once arrived, the fleet carrier will stay permanently in the destination system, providing Refuel, Repair, Armoury, Outfitting and Universal Cartographics services, including a shipyard.

This fleet carrier deployment is part of the Deep Space Support Array (DSSA) initiative, fully complying to its guidelines. dssa
Deep Space Support Array (DSSA) information
DSSA designation Fleet Carrier #88
Operation status Carrier operational
Operation name Operation quadripoint
Provided services Refuel, Repair, Universal cartographics,
Armory, Outfitting, Shipyard
Fleet carrier ID X4J-85Z
pin Current fleet carrier location:
codex Additional carrier information
The carrier is located near the planet 5A
The carrier will buy your Tritium for 60.000CR/ton
The carrier has a Hutton Mug in the cargo for 100% HOT-MESS compatibility
squadron Additional system information
Planet 5A has an icy ring with 3x single Tritium hotspots
Planet 5A has an icy ring with a dual overlapping Void Opal hotspot
Why was 'PLOEA AUSCS ZA-A c16' selected as destination?
This system is the only 'quadripoint' in the Milky Way, where the galaction regions of Izanami, Newton's Vault, Arcadian Stream and Ryker's Hope share a common border. Honoring similar installations (Link 1 | Link 2) on humankind's home planet Earth (Sol system) , the carrier will offer support duties for explorers travelling beyond SagA* while functioning as a visible landmark.
System 1st visited Oct 16, 3305, 3:15:20 PM EDSM entry
Claimed landmark Oct 19, 3305 Forum post
Distance to Sol 40057 ly
Distance to Beagle Point 25790 ly
Distance to Colonia 23893 ly
Distance to Sag*A 14434 ly
Mission statement for 'Operation quadripoint'
"Being in love with Elite since back in the 80ies and playing ED since the beta came out, I wanna use this opportunity to create something unique in this ever amazing multiplayer galaxy"
CMDR BlastDuke
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